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Product Information:

6' Rectangle Table: The Perfect Gathering Spot for Your Events in Huntington Beach, CA

6' Rectangle Table: The Perfect Gathering Spot for Your Events in Huntington Beach, CA


  • Ample Seating: With a spacious 6-foot length, our rectangle table comfortably accommodates your guests,
    providing plenty of room for dining, meetings, and socializing.
  • Versatility: Whether it's a wedding, family reunion, or business conference, our table suits any occasion,
    offering a practical surface for various event setups.
  • Sturdy Construction: Crafted with high-quality materials, our rectangle table ensures stability and
    durability, allowing your guests to enjoy the gathering with confidence.
  • Easy Setup: Effortlessly set up the table at your desired event location, saving time for event preparations
    and reducing stress.


  • Durable Materials: Our 6' rectangle table is made from premium materials, making it resistant to wear and
    tear, ensuring long-lasting use for multiple events.
  • Convenient Carrying Handle: Transporting the table is a breeze with its built-in carrying handle, allowing you
    to move it effortlessly from one venue to another.
  • Sleek Design: The table's clean and sleek design complements any event theme or décor, adding a touch of
    elegance to your gatherings.
  • Easy Storage: When the event is over, simply fold the table for compact storage, optimizing space for future
    events or storage purposes.

Make your events in Huntington Beach a breeze with our 6' rectangle table. Provide your guests with a comfortable
and versatile gathering spot they'll appreciate. Contact us now to reserve your table and elevate your event

Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your event setup. Secure the 6' rectangle table today and create
memorable moments for your guests!

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  • Farm Chair - Vintage Metal w/ Wood Seat

    Farm Chair - Metal with Wood Seat: Rustic Charm and Durability for Your Events


    Rustic Elegance: Our farm chairs with metal frames and wooden seats add rustic charm and a touch of vintage elegance to your event decor.

    Sturdy Construction: Crafted from high-quality metal and wood, these chairs are built to withstand the demands of your event, ensuring stability and longevity.

    Comfortable Seating: The wooden seats provide a comfortable and supportive seating experience for your guests, making them ideal for extended gatherings.

    Stackable Design: When not in use, these farm chairs can be conveniently stacked, optimizing storage space for future events or easy storage.


    Farmhouse Aesthetics: The combination of metal and wood exudes farmhouse aesthetics, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for your guests.

    Durable Finish: The metal frame features a durable finish that resists scratches and wear, ensuring the chairs maintain their charm.

    Versatile Usage: Whether you're hosting a rustic wedding, a countryside-inspired event, or a vintage-themed gathering, these farm chairs adapt effortlessly to various settings.

    Easy Maintenance: After your event, cleaning and storing the chairs is hassle-free, allowing for quick post-event cleanup.

    Elevate your event with the rustic charm and durability of our farm chairs. Create a welcoming space for your guests to enjoy and make your occasions truly memorable. Contact us now to reserve these farm chairs and enhance your upcoming gathering!

    Don't miss out on the opportunity to add rustic elegance to your event decor. Secure the Farm Chair - Metal with Wood Seat today and make your events both stylish and comfortable!

  • Table Cloth - Rectangle 60x102" (White)

  • Table Cloth - Rectangle 90x132" (White)

    Table Cloth - Rectangle 90x132" (White): Elegance and Versatility for Your Huntington Beach Events

    Table Cloth - Rectangle 90x132" (White): Elegance and Versatility for Your Huntington Beach Events


    • Elegant Presentation: Our white table cloth instantly elevates your event space, creating a timeless and
      refined atmosphere for your guests to enjoy.
    • Generous Size: Measuring 90x132 inches, this rectangle table cloth is large enough to beautifully drape over
      standard-sized banquet tables, providing an elegant and polished look.
    • Versatile Use: Ideal for weddings, banquets, corporate events, and more, our table cloth complements various
      themes and settings, adding a touch of class to every occasion.
    • High-Quality Material: Crafted from premium fabric, this table cloth offers a luxurious feel and ensures
      long-lasting performance for multiple events.


    • Sleek Design: The crisp white color and clean lines of our table cloth exude sophistication, making it a
      perfect backdrop for any centerpiece or table setting.
    • Wrinkle-Resistant: Designed to stay smooth and wrinkle-free, this table cloth ensures a flawless presentation
      throughout your event, keeping your setup looking pristine.
    • Easy Maintenance: After your event, the table cloth is easy to clean and maintain, making it a practical and
      convenient choice for your event rental needs.
    • Seamless Drape: The generous dimensions and seamless design of our table cloth ensure an elegant and seamless
      drape over your tables, enhancing the overall aesthetics.

    Create an enchanting ambiance at your Huntington Beach event with our white rectangle table cloth. Elevate your
    décor, impress your guests, and make your occasion truly unforgettable. Contact us now to reserve your table
    cloth and experience the timeless elegance it brings to your event!

    Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your event setup. Secure the white rectangle table cloth today and transform
    your gatherings into elegant affairs!

  • Table Runner - Black Satin

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